Tuesday, February 27, 2007


February Letter to the Editor from Mike Boland

Dear Editor,

I hope your readers will join me in urging the Untied States Congress to re-authorize and strengthen the present tax credit for the purchase of hybrid cars and trucks by individuals and businesses.

The world's scientists have recently sent us a powerful warning about global warming and its devastating impact on climate change. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the more oil we use the faster we move toward environmental and economic disaster. Some would even say the survival of the species is at stake.

The over dependence on foreign oil also has national security implications. If we were to become less dependent on petroleum from the volatile Middle East we could drive the price of gasoline down there by not only putting more money into consumers' pockets but less money would be going to the Saudi Arabians and the others who fund schools that preach hatred of America, hatred of the West, and hatred of Israel.

Lastly if stronger tax incentives were set up to encourage more people and business to purchase hybrid vehicles we would have cleaner air in our cities helping us to fight the increasing rates of asthma and other respiratory illnesses, This in turn could result in savings in health care.

Updates on Boland's legislative activities can be found by visiting www.MikeBoland.blogspot.com. Rep Mike Boland can be reached at his district office at 4416 River Drive, Moline IL 61265, or by phone309/736-3360. Boland's local email contact is ILRepMikeBoland@aol.com. Sincerely,Mike BolandState Representative71st District

Friday, February 09, 2007


Boland News Conferences - Today and Tuesday

Rep Boland will be holding two informational news conferences to educate the public about a new proposal he's made in Springfield regarding Ethanol and E85 fuel

News Conference - Friday 2-9-2007 1:00 PM
Morrison - FS Fast Stop Service Station 615 E Lincolnway

News Conference - Tuesday 2-13-2007 1:00 PM
Albany - Albany Fire Station 409 Church Street

MORRISON /ALBANY /FULTON - State Representative Mike Boland (D-East Moline) will announce that he is continuing his efforts to make Illinois a leader in the Ethanol Industry by introducing legislation requiring local governments to purchase flex fuel vehicles when making new purchases. In the 2006 legislative session, Boland passed HB 4137, requiring all new vehicles purchased by the state either be Flexible Fuel Vehicles, vehicles that run on both E85 and traditional gasoline, or be fuel efficient hybrids. Boland’s new proposal simply adds a requirement for local governments to comply with this rule as well. Boland will point out that supporting E85 is a choice that’s not only environmentally responsible, but also allows us the choice of using homegrown middle western fuels rather than relying on oil from the middle east. In addition to manufacturing E85 in Illinois with ethanol made from corn grown in the state, E85 burns significantly cleaner than traditional gasoline. E85 compatible vehicles run on a fuel blend compromised of 85% ethanol, produced from domestically grown corn, and 15% traditional unleaded gasoline. This fuel blend provides comparable fuel economy and power to high octane and high performance unleaded gasoline.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Director IL Department of Aging to Visit QC Region Monday

I just got notice yesterday, that the Director of the Illinois Department of Aging will be at the Rock Island County Senior Center this upcoming Monday, 2-5-07, at 1:PM. It's my understanding that his visit is part of a statewide publicity effort for the Circuit Breaker and associated Illinois Cares Rx program.

Also, the last notification we got here at Mike Boland's office from the Department of Aging was that online Circuit Breaker applications would be available next week. Online applications are much more efficient and are processed more quickly that paper applications.

Here at Rep. Boland's office, we are always willing to assist disabled individuals and senior citizens filing their Circuit Breaker applications online. We've already booked more than 50 different individual appointments for next week alone, so it should be a busy next few weeks. Please call 309/736-3360 and ask Bobbi-Sue for an appointment for assistance filling out your Circuit Breaker.

IL DEPT of AGING - CIRCUIT BREAKER is a link to further information from the state about Circuit Breaker.

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