Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We Support the Arts @ Mike Boland's Office

Every year at Representative Boland's office, we have the pleasure of hosting Karla Kunzeman of the Illinois Arts Council. Karla's yearly visit is to announce state grants that support the arts within the district Mike represents. I will always remember and cherish the opportunity to coordinate the last several years worth of check presentations with Karla, who is the Legislative Liason for the Illinois Arts Council. The grants always go to very worthwhile causes, and Ms. Kunzemanla is a joy to work with.

Here's the press release from the most recent grant presentation.

Boland Presents Arts Council Grants
More Than $36,000 in Grants Awarded by Arts Council

At a check presentation ceremony, held in conjunction with the Illinois Arts Council, State Representative Mike Boland (D-East Moline) announced today that his district will receive more than $36,000 in Art Council grants for fiscal year 2006. Illinois Arts Council Legislative Liaison Karla Kunzeman joined Boland to award certificates and ceremonial checks to local grant recipients.

"We must always remember," Boland added, "The arts are important not only in giving meaning and value to peoples lives, these programs also provide an important economic benefit as well, contributing more than $1 billion annually to the Illinois economy." Boland cited the Mississippi Valley Blues Society’s annual Blues Festival, which attracts thousands of tourists to the region, as a local example of the economic impact the arts can have in our communities.

"So, I am very pleased to be here today to help award the 71st District’s Arts Council grants," Boland stated. "I would like to thank Karla Kunzeman and the Illinois Arts Council for their support of these programs which do so much to enrich our communities," he continued. "The economic return these programs provide to our region enrich the local economy in much the same way that the arts programs they support also enrich the social and educational opportunities of Western Illinois," Boland concluded.

Local Grant recipients include the Mississippi Valley Blues Society who will receive a general operating support grant of $17,760, and the Timber Lake Playhouse in Mount Carroll who will receive $18,370 for general operating support. Officials from the Mississippi Valley Blues Society were on hand at Boland’s office to accept a ceremonial oversized check that represents the $17,760 they will receive in general operating support from Illinois in the upcoming year.

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